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Quiver from Fiji/ Australia
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I had decided to take 2015 off from the competition scene. Although, I continued to be in the water and on the trails.  No time for rest ... time to get going again and start planning out Fiji/Australia.  Although I'll be going for the yearly photo/video shoot, I cant help but think of how El Nino is going to effect things.  Im actually pretty stoked.

New Year, New Adventures...New Sponsors.  Stay tuned for the companies/people who are going to be part of the adventure.

Thank you to everyone who continues to show support.

See you out there!!

Isaac Wood


by Isaac Wood on 03/16/16

This years trip to Australia was All Time!  Hanging with awesome people and sharing stories.  There were so many good times being had, pictures taken and great surf sessions.  As we go through the photos and content, I'll be sure to share.