Born into a family that loves surfing. His father made surf leashes and his brother shapes, it’s no wonder Isaac learned at a young age what he wanted to do. His passion is educating people on surfing and how they can better their progression. Isaac works with Bird at Bird’s surf Shed and is the surf team captain for both the Shed and the WindanSea Surf Club. Isaac really connects to the younger generation and has a way of teaching kids how sponsorships work. From contests to shaping and everything in between, Isaac embodies a true ‘waterman’, craftsman and surf educator. When the surf is flat he trains with the WindanSea Surf Clubs Paddle Team and you can usually find Isaac maintaining his local dirt jumps and educating people on proper trail maintenance or organizing surf or dirt jump contests. Isaac has worked hard to build a following and promoting his sponsors products. Isaac has the unique opportunity to be surrounded with friends in the industry such as; Bird Huffman, Skip Frye, Larry Gordon, Rusty Priesenderfer, Bob Mitzven, Robin Prodonivich, Wayne Rich, Rich Pavel, Daniel Tomo Thompson, Steve Seabold and Steve Liss. Isaac’s relationship with each of these shapers and involvement with Bird at the Shed allows different influences of surf design and allows him to explore all aspects of surfing.  


“Isaac is one of the hardest working pro-surfers I have ever worked with”- Eric Bird Huffman.  

“He is the backbone of the Shed and the Shed’s #1 man”- Skip Frye.  

“Isaac inspires me to ride the nose, his technical vision and precision on the nose is one of a 150lb person’’- Wayne Rich.  

“Isaac was one of the hardest working, passionate team rides we have ever had!”- Debbie Gordon (daughter of Larry Gordon of G&S) 


  Organize and coordinate international surf trip/video “Fantastic Plastic II’ in Fiji and Australia 2014 with the WindanSea Surf Club

  Voted team Captain and Board of Director for WindanSea Surf Club 2014

  2013 Ocean Magazine article & profile included in the WindanSea 50th Anniversary article.

  Surfboard collaboration with Wayne Rich slated for release in 2014

  Continues to Mentor the younger generation of surfers 

  Assisted in securing the 2011, 2012 & 2013 title of #1 surf club for the CA coalition of surfing clubs

  Voted Team Captain of WindanSea Surf Club in 2012 for the 2013 competition team

  Worked with photographers to document surfing in Fiji

  Represented WindanSea Surf Club at the Noosa Festival of surfing in Australia in 2013

  La Jolla Light: published picture during UCSD’s Legends event

  Longboard Magazine: Multiple published Ad’s for G&S, Gallery Shots, and Back cover Ad

  Interview in San Diego Reader main article

  Collaborated with Wood Custom Surfboards

  Designed boards for Firewire

  2012 interview on ‘Down the line Surf Talk’ on AM radio on San Diego Surf Film Festival

  Slide Mag: Featured article on Night surfing/flash photography “greenwood project”, Gallery shots & Sponsor Ads

  www.isaacwood.com created 2008

  Sponsored rider for 15 + years

  Image/video used in 3 commercials aired on My Local Lineup TV

  Featured on SUP Connect Cabo SUP series (7 part)

  Featured on My Local Lineup TV; Contest at Tourmaline, Multiple segments and highlights used

  Created own model of Surfboard for GnS, Rusty, K-Land, Seabold, Ernie Higgins, Wayne Rich

  Joined WindanSea Surf Club in 2009

  Surfs Cloudbreak, Fiji, Hawaii, Puerto Escondido, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Baja, and Australia

  13th place on the World Tour 2003

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Photo:Jeff Greenhouse