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Rear Cover Issue# 13-6
August 2007 issue- Gn'S Ad
Image used for contest / Promotional t-shirts
.5th and 7th annual  Pacific Beach Longboard Classic.
RCP Photography
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Casey Grove of Transition and PinkBike visited San Diego... check it out HERE.

Take a look at PinkBike's Photo of the Day...aka...POD  HERE
TV appearances
My local line up TV Update with
Isaac Wood
 Click Here.
My local line up TV Japanese Motors with surfer
Isaac Wood
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Photo:Jeff Greenhouse
Click mag for commercial I have a small clip.
My local line up TV Longboard Television
Ray Barbee meets Mattson2
Isaac Wood Segment
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Event Flyers...
PB Surf Shop
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SUP TV Episodes
​** 2012 La Jolla Light
**2012 San Diego Reader (link on home page)
** 2011 Greenlines ad on
**2011 G & S Ad in 2 Slide Mag editions.
**2011 Editorial in Revolt- Instyle Mag